Saturday, April 28, 2007

giving (and receiving) a photo critique

Found some helpful information on photo critiques doing a photo-critique

A few of the finer points:
  • Remember that there’s no right or wrong in photography. Gross technical errors (vast exposure problems, for example) can be universally wrong, but artistic considerations are not universal.
  • If you’re the photographer getting critique, don’t get defensive. If fact, just shut the hell up. Getting people to talk to you about your photos is a rare opportunity, so don’t waste it. Let people talk (even if you think they’re full of shit), it’s their opinion, and your target audience should be important to you. Let them rant, and if you really have to, defend yourself afterward, once it’s all finished. Although — honestly — if you feel you have to defend yourself, you might want to take a step back and consider why :-)

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Lee Rudd said...

When giving a photo critique, the steps outlined in the article linked are the ones I follow, with one exception - I do try and leave the artist feeling positive about the image. Like a carrot - stick - carrot approach. It is necessary to emphasise the positives more than the negatives, as many people here only criticism, and not critique.