Saturday, February 09, 2013

Projects Galore

The first project today was to shoot the tulips. I love tulips... they're so graceful. I'm going to shoot these 'til they die and then I'm going to shoot them some more.

When it warmed a bit outside, I tackled one of my outdoor projects - raking the leaves away from the base of the fence. The lawn guys have always blown the leaves against the fence and the rotting leaves are going to rot the fence. So, I've begun getting the three-to-four inches of decaying leaves away from the fence. And I've notified the lawn service people to keep the area free of leaves.

Another outdoor project was to disassemble an old wooden swing and chair that had decayed (there's a lot of that going around) so badly that they were not usable as seating. Last week, I removed the support beams and hauled them to the curb; the city sanitation took them away. Yay! I had intended to take apart the swing seat (and the chair) too, but I've decided to move them back towards the tree line and leave them for the cats to lounge upon.

Now... back to work.


The final project: for today: Photo coasters with maps of the places I've visited. Got the idea from Pinterest.


Monte Stevens said...

Been busy, And, the cats will probably like that old swing. So, is today a day or rest or is there more on your to=do list?

Faye White said...

Nah, I'll save something for tomorrow... and the day after... and... ;)

Ann Courtney said...

You've made me feel weary just reading about you chores! I shall look forward to watching as you shoot the tulips ;)