Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Calendar Days

I worked on my 2012 calendar today. I have been making personalized calendars since 1998. The early versions had either family photos or copies of some of my paintings. Back then I ordered calendar kits and printed and assembled them myself. Those were also the days when I hand-painted my Christmas cards. The volume of each was very small. Thank goodness for the availability of online printing!

Each year, when I begin the photo selection process, I realize that I am more likely to compose a shot in portrait mode than landscape. Since I prefer calendars to be in landscape orientation, finding twelve images (thirteen with the cover) is not so simple. And every year I tell myself that next year... the calendar will have to be in portrait mode.


Tom Dills said...

You are well ahead of me! I look forward to seeing what you come up with.

Monte Stevens said...

Ah, those promises (resolutions) we make to ourselves. One attribute I admire in you is your commitment to accomplishing your tasks. Heck, there are many who don't even think about the projects you envision, and accomplish. Have a super day!

Brent said...

The June piece is spectacular! I'd love to see the entire collection. Nice to see you painting, Faye!