Wednesday, February 10, 2016


I spotted this evidence of a battle lost while on the way to feed the feral cats. Just feathers though, no carcass so maybe they survived.

I don't feed the birds in the same area where I feed the cats, but inevitably they cross paths.


monstev said...

Holy cow, this is a beautiful image! And, yes nature has it's own ways. Last week I watched a falcon swoop down and capture a bird in midair. The sound from the bird was disturbing but I also know that there is death in nature but it is for survival and not out of anger, hatred, racism or any other 'ism. Awesome image!!!!

Tom Dills said...

This is a very beautiful combination of colors textures and lines. Random and not random - fascinating! I hope the price paid by the birds wasn't too high, but sometimes nature needs to take its course despite the potentially difficult outcome.