Sunday, March 08, 2015


I found this on Google "#DearMe: What advice would you give your younger self?" 

#DearMe: You're going to end up living alone, with cats, making scarecrows...

#DearMe: Believe in yourself

#DearMe: Have more children

#DearMe: You will make good decisions and you will make bad decisions. Move on. Don't hang around, trying to figure out what YOU did wrong. Let go.

#DearMe: Travel more. Take better care of your body. Learn several languages.

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Monte Stevens said...

I would add: Seek to know your self better. Be the person we are meant to be, a gift for the world. Sing the song of our heart. Always be the student. Embrace our uniqueness rather than conforming to society. Risk more. Love unconditionally. Be present to life.