Wednesday, August 01, 2007

the end

Made the decision to close as of mid-August. Maintaining the site has become overwhelming, due to some personal issues. I took it over in late 2002 and have spent many (MANY!) late nights getting it to where it is today. I am proud of the talent displayed each day and am sorry that there will be one less place for the photographers to display their fine work.
Many people have written, saying that they won their first POTD at Shutterbugs... I too remember the thrill of seeing my photo at a contest site for the first time. I hope I have encouraged them to keep shooting!
UPDATE: Two Aussie photogs have purchsed the site and will take over next week! Very happy about this!

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Anonymous said...

Yes Faye, you have encouraged us to keep motivated. All the lovely images you choose and the honor of winning at your site occasionally has lifted my spirits many a time. I wish you the best.

And what great news that all your hard work isn't going down the drain with Robyn and Richard stepping up to take it over.

You are a very talented photographer yourself and I hope you have some time to pursue your photography in ways you might not have had before. Your IR images are gorgeous and your work has an artful and creative style.

Kristi H