Monday, January 02, 2017

Here we go again

2017. Already. 

Christmas is back in the basement... again. The house always looks dull after I take down the tree and lights. Add the dreary landscape and January looks bleak indeed. But I've decided to try another photo-a-day project because I've become a very lazy photographer. I partly blame my phone camera. I tend to 'snap' a picture instead of putting a little thought into comp, lighting, etc. So I will have to utilize the winter bleakness as best I can.

We will see.


monstev said...

That;s a good project and really not that difficult. And, I also agree it does ask us to reflect before pressing the shutter button. Look forward to what gifts you give us. :-)

jawad haider said...
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UplayOnline said...

Look forward to what gifts you give us. :-)

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