Tuesday, February 19, 2013

No Birds

My latest project is cleaning out the 'studio', returning it to a guest bedroom. My 91 year old mom, though not at all fragile, is getting past the point of (safely) making her way up and down the stairs to the loft bedroom. The studio was filled with lights, a background stand, a still life table and too-numerous-to-count backgrounds & props (pedestals, etc.). 

So... things were separated into throw-away and keep. The throw-away part is easy, the keep is another story; where to store? In a closet? Fine, but something already in the closet must then go. I'm trying not to just relegate everything to the basement because once it's down there, it's down there for good. And forgotten. You know what I mean... six months from now I'll be asking myself what I did with such-and-such. I call it 'the dance of the stuff'.

I made a lot of progress on this mostly rainy day, but the sun is shining now and the outdoors is calling me. Oh by the way, the 'pedestals, etc' have been relocated in the garden, though their permanent spot is still undetermined.

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Monte Stevens said...

You can bring a smile to my face so easily. No moss will grow under your feet as you seem to always have some project to do. Busy. :-) So, I take it your mother is coming for a visit. Enjoy your day outside. It was 21 degrees this morning and they are predicting 2-4 inches of snow this afternoon.